’s career library has a list of 20 different career paths that users can aspire for. Each path may have different courses to learn and upskill to. Read about these career paths and find a relevant training course that suits your time and budget. Once you complete your training find relevant job opportunities from the job postings. Build your IT career step by step.

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Web / Mobile Designer – A001

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Testing Engineer – A005

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Data Scientist – A006

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Database Engineer – A007

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Animation & Gaming – A008

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Project Manager – A009

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Product Manager – A010

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Ethical Hacker – A011

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Cyber Security – A012

ERP & Enterprise Software – A013

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Networking Engineer – A014

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AR / VR Technology- A015

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Blockchain Developer – A016

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Robotics & IoT – A017

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AI & Machine Learning – A018

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Cloud Computing – A019

Technical / Content Writing – A020