This is an intro post introducing HPSC and what is it all about.

So folks, this is purely a purpose driven initiative to bring my many years of work experience in the field of training and hiring and give back to the society whatever little I have learned on the way.

For starters, this is not to make money or fulfill a business but the main draw for HPSC is to secure careers by providing guidance in training and recruitment. The aim for this free counseling session is firstly to help people who are unemployed and without a job. There can be many reasons for people at a particular point to be without jobs. some can be circumstantial and some can be personal doing. Whatever be the reason, for someone without a job and trying to get back to employment can be daunting and surely the best of the people can also become week. Recognizing this is the first step.

While most of the reasons are circumstantial , like job cuts, layoffs, restructuring, takeovers, etc some personal reasons like maternity breaks, career breaks, career swtiches or even situational driven like manager coercion, hostile work environments, corporate politics or even work burnouts can be reaosn for people to leave jobs and take a break to find better opportunites after a small gap.

As an employer , one must not have any bias towards workers who are not actively employed at a stage and in fact look at hirng them basis their skill and welcome them at the earliest possible.

We all have responsibility in making our workforce more efficient and productive.

Lets look at giving opportunities to people who are unemployed for whatever reason ( unless criminal or integrity) and merit them with opportunities to join back the workforce .

HPSC has dedicated a platform to bring this to the forefront and help people secure careers by providing them with training and hiring guidance for better and secure careers.

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